Modern Materials That Can Be Engraved With High Precision

21 March 2017
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In the past, it was only really metal that was suitable for most engraving functions. However, modern CNC laser cutting machines are a good deal more accurate than the previous generation of technologies, and it is now much more of a practical proposition to engrave onto other materials. In some cases, just adding some wording or a logo is all that is needed, but highly precise engraving is now also possible due to laser cutting technology. Read More 

Top Reasons Why Powder-Coated Metal Products Are Superior to Those With Paint Finishes

21 March 2017
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When it comes to finishing metal products, manufacturers have two options: to paint or to powder coat. While painting is the traditional choice of finishing for fabricated metal products, more and more metal fabricators are switching to powder-coated finishing for their products. Here are some good reasons for this trend.   Durable finish As compared to paint finishes, powder-coated finishes generally last longer. This is because they are thicker and denser than paint finishes and thus offer superior resistance to scratches, chipping and other forms of damage to surface finishes. Read More 

Plastic Manufacturing: Three Techniques for High Volume Production

13 March 2017
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There are numerous techniques designed for manufacturing plastic products and components. Therefore, if you are planning on ordering plastic items for your business, it is important to understand your options. In general, there are different factors that you must consider when selecting the right method for your manufacturing. One of the most important aspects is the volume of custom goods required for your pertinent application. If you are interested in low and medium production, you can choose processes such as manual fabrication, 3-D printing, CNC machining, rotational moulding and casting. Read More 

Why You Should Carefully Consider Aluminium Goalposts For Your Football Team

8 March 2017
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Football is one of the most popular games in the world and for good reason. It's energetic and a great team sport and provides a lot of excitement when the goalkeeper tries to save a skillfully-placed shot. Many thousands of children and young adults play the sport on a daily basis across Australia, but it is not without some attached risks. One of these risks may involve the equipment, unless it is manufactured and placed correctly. Read More 

Teach Your Students About Australian History With These Five Essential Flags for the Classroom

4 June 2015
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Flags can be an essential component of a history lesson, and their visual appeal has the power to engage your students in a way that text may not be able to. With so many Australian flags ranging from the Australian Defence Force Ensign to the Queen's Personal Flag for Australia, it can be hard to know which flags to display in your classroom and discuss. However, if you want to give your students a sense of where they come from, the history of the country and their place in the world, consider creating lessons around these five flags. Read More